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A-Team Security can Install, maintain and repair an extensive range of automatic gates and barriers to suit your needs in domestic, commercial or industrial environments. Gates and barriers can be a valuable solution to control or restrict access to your private or business premises from unwanted visitors or intruders while allowing authorised staff and guest access whenever they are authorised to do so.
Gates on domestic premises add a layer of protection for your home as intruders would need to make a conscious effort to gain access to your property and the opportunist is likely to look elsewhere. Equally barriers or gates are suitably useful in commercial applications where companies need to control their parking space. Current UK laws and regulations state it is a requirement that all commercially fitted gates and barriers to be installed and maintained to current British Standards. We hold accreditation in both industry and BS standards to ensure maximum compliance
Some of the systems we are highly experienced with are Came, BFT, RiB, Faac, Genius, DEA Beninca, Fadini, Nice and Newgate amongst others.

Please contact us for further assistance or if you require a tailored quote to suit your requirements.

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